Killjoy Meet Up - California 2019

California - Killjoy Meet Up - California 2019

Thursday 25.7.2019
From 16:30 Up to 19:30
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Hey, everybody!

Here's the deal: a bunch of us on the MCRmy website are planning a massive trip to California in the year 2019. (I know that's far away, but it's never too early to start planning!) I mean, a huge trip. Like, hundreds, maybe thousands of fans all over the world!!!!!!!!

You must do whatever you can to spread the word to other killjoys--and to the band themselves, because we are hoping we can get them to come with us. The internet will be our most valuable resource, especially social networx like Facebook and Twitter, and maybe even YouTube!

If you're going to a Honda Civic Tour concert and want to help get the word out, you can create a poster to hold up to try and get the band's attention, or you could pass out cards to other fans. (the card template is at [link]).

If you have any questions, you can go to...

1. The official Cali 2019 website: (
2. -> boards -> missions -> Meetup 2019 ()
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